Makeup Solutions For Your New Year’s Resolutions

We love the new year! It is our chance to reflect on the good, put to rest the bad, and look forward to the better! Here at The Salon Professional Academy, (TSPA) Iowa City, we await the new beauty trends, in-season styles, and our New Year’s resolution: to get out of our comfort zone and experiment more! If you’ve got resolutions of your own this new year, read on. We’ve got our beautiful makeup-centered take on five popular New Year’s resolutions to help you branch out, feel confident, and start off 2019 right.

girls makeup sleepover

New Year’s Resolution: I Will Embrace the New

Is 2019 that fresh start you’ve been waiting for? Embrace it! Bring on the new. Sometimes change is as intimidating as winged liner, but that’s the kind of change worth trying. Spice up your morning routine with a little pop of the unexpected.

Makeup Solution: New Hue

Is there a beauty trend that has always interested you? We say go for it. Even start a trend yourself. Confidence is beauty! Invest in that new palette you’ve been eyeing, try a contour, or even a bold lipstick like in-season teal. You won’t know until you try!

neutral eyeshadow palette swatch

New Year’s Resolution: I Will Accept Imperfections

Nobody is perfect…no matter what Instagram posts tempts you to think. Instead of being so hard on yourself, accept the hard truth: being imperfect does not mean you are not perfectly beautiful!

Makeup Solution: Sisters, Not Twins

Nobody’s face is perfectly symmetrical. What serves as a reminder better than those brows? It’s easy to get carried away trying to make them exactly identical. Before you know it, half an hour has passed! So put down that brow pencil and remember: they are sisters, not twins. If the arches slightly vary, remember that no one notices except for you.

New Year’s Resolution: I Will Exercise

Sure, exercise…anything from tennis, weight training, and exercising the right to a glam full face! Get in that cardiovascular strength training as well as strengthening the artist in you.

Makeup Solution: SET in Your Ways

This may not be cardio but it will surely work out: makeup that lasts all day! Always apply makeup to a freshly cleansed face. Then start with a primer. Finish off with a setting spray and even take a refreshing spray with you throughout the day for whenever you need a boost. Adding these steps to a makeover are a game changer! That look could just last longer than you do on a treadmill, and you’ll look just as fresh as when you started.

lipgloss after the gym

New Year’s Resolution: I Will Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key, even for your skin! Drinking enough water does wonders for keeping your skin hydrated and glowing. Keep up the good work with cosmetics that are also moisturizing for your skin to maintain that gorgeous complexion.

Makeup Solution: Hydrating Makeup

If makeup couldn’t get any better, certain products can protect against drying winters while still combatting oil. Use moisturizer daily, apply a hydrating liquid foundation, and keep a refreshing spritzer with you throughout the day anytime you need a little moisture. Healthy skin is happy skin!

face foundation sample drips

New Year Resolution: I Will Save Money

Pinching pennies is a popular New Year’s resolution. With pretty store fronts and easy online shopping, sometimes indulgence is hard to resist. Luckily any beauty guru can save a few bucks on quality makeup with these easy tips.

Makeup Solution: Beauty on a Budget

Makeup costs can add up quicker than the dinner bill! Remember to shop clearance, wait for sales, ask for free samples and trials, and ask department stores about penny samples. (These are minis that literally cost one penny!) Check Facebook makeup pages for reduced priced makeup and trade opportunities. If you have a beauty social platform, consider reaching out to smaller companies for PR packages. Sign up for newsletters and rewards programs, and you’ll grow an inventory before you know it!

woman buying makeup

Ahh, the new year. What a beautiful thing…just like you! Take a chance on trying something new, focus on self care, acceptance, and anything else you put your mind to this year! Wear your makeup confidently, and even snap the perfect selfie.

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