Education is Her Passion. Meet Alexandra, Owner of TSPA Iowa City.

Alexandra has always loved the beauty industry. She loves watching trends grow and develop. She loves working to create new looks and to supporting others as they pursue their careers in beauty.

After beginning her beauty career in 1999 Alexandra dove in head first, opening up her own salon and pursuing her passion of supporting cosmetology students in their careers. It was that choice that put her on the path toward working as an educator and as an owner of The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Iowa City.

A Passion for Development

When Alexandra entered the world of beauty she did so with a passion for management. Her first foray into beauty was owning and managing her own salon. It was here, working with skilled cosmetologists and hiring employees, that she began to realize that there was a gap in the education of many of the budding professionals that came to work with her. At first, she worked hard to help her new employees expand their education and skill set to meet her needs.

After so many years of working with these professionals, Alexandra set her sights on fixing the problem from the root. Having a successful career in beauty comes from more than just skills in cutting and styling, it’s in client relations and business management skills. Having the knowledge and skills in all of these pillars are a foundation of a successful career, and it is that that Alexandra wanted to help budding cosmetologist obtain while they are in school.

It is that passion that led her to the Salon Professional Academy, Iowa City.

Changing the Stigma

For decades a career in the beauty field has been shadowed by the same assumption, that it is not a real career, that it cannot support a family, and that if you are going into the beauty industry you are obviously not suited to a ‘real’ career. After years owning a salon and working with so many talented individuals, Alexandra knows that that is anything but the truth.

She has seen young women and men build their own business and support their families. She has seen graduates pay off their student debt within a year, purchase homes, and more. More than that, after starting her career in the beauty industry almost two decades ago, she has seen many of her students continue through this industry for just as long, loving every minute.

A career in beauty takes hard work and dedication, and is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you love working with your hands and value your problem solving skills to help you create beautiful works of art, then a career in cosmetology could be your perfect fit.

Don’t let assumptions and opinions keep you from your dreams. With hard work, you can be successful and create a career that will support you in joy and creativity for years to come.

Filling the Gap

Once Alexandra came to work at TSPA Iowa City she knew she was in the right place. Surrounded by passionate educators and employees, she was able to not only embrace her passion of educating the next generation of beauty professionals but to help establish a foundation in knowledge that will help them to succeed.