How to Snap a Selfie Like a Pro

So you wanna showcase that new hair or perfected wing. That calls for a selfie. Worried you just might wind up with a dozen of less-than-ideal shots? We beg to differ. Your face and talents are definitely worth showing the world! Here’s how to make that happen in a (camera) flash!


Go au naturale baby! We love natural light and natural light loves you! Earlier in the day is prime time for showing off those red lips, new dimensional haircuts, or any new ‘do. Afternoon light can give off unforgiving, harsh shadows while morning sun gives you a flattering, cool-toned soft look. Cloudy days are great as they disburse direct sunlight. Too much sun can cause flashbacks and squinting. If you stay indoors, open the windows and avoid dark backgrounds.

ring light selfie

Don’t have good daylight? Stuck with only moonlight? No worries! Hold up a flashlight, friend’s phone light, or invest in a ring light. You can even get a little one to fit right on your phone! Lighting should be positioned in front of you or slightly above you to grab that highlight on your face or your hair. Too high will shadow your face and too low will darken the hollows of your face. Bring out the best of you at forehead height.

Stores usually have perfect light for their products to live in. Try department stores or makeup stores where they keep things on display! THAT lighting sure is lit.

Set Up

There’s nothing worse than unknowingly taking a foggy picture and having nothing to choose from! Be sure to wipe the lense clean before every photo sesh, even if you think you don’t need to. How’s your background? Move any laundry, clutter, or other unwanted sights behind you. Tap the image of yourself on the screen to make sure the white balance is correct and the focus is on you.

girls selfie on the beach


We all have them. Find yours! The beauty of a phone selfie (besides you of course) is that you’re able to take as many as you want. So tilt your chin and fire away. After a few, try switching the camera into the other hand. Look off into the distance. Mix up your smile! Smirk, smile, smize, try it all, and find your fave! Practice makes perfect.

Say Cheese

Think happy thoughts. This will give you a not-so-forced smile that is both candid and classy! Adjust your features. Pout lips to make them fuller or lift the camera to define your jaw.

happy selfie sunglasses


Is your selfie missing something? Not quite right? Popular apps like Facetune, VSCO, Lightroom, or Picsart can smooth your skin, increase exposure, whiten your teeth, boost that lip color, or give you a sun kissed glow! Have fun enhancing your favorite features!

Selfie Don’ts

  • Don’t pick a messy background – Unfolded clothes, dishes, or the toilet distract from the focal point: you!
  • Bail on bathroom selfies – Not only is bathroom lighting yellow and dim, but these selfies are pretty old-school. Middle school to be specific.
  • Nix the night time selfies – moonlight just doesn’t cut it. The flash can cause squinty eyes! You’re better off getting a bright and clear indoor image.
  • Don’t stop at just a few! You need options. When you think you have enough, give that hair a flip and take a dozen more.
  • Stop Staying Stationary – the more you variate, the more you have to choose from! Do it for you! Staying the same will either give you zero pictures you like or a ton you do like…of the same one.
  • Don’t second-guess yourself! You look great. Glow with confidence and you’ll have exactly that.
  • Getting InstaGlam-gorgeous just got easier than you think! Never be afraid to darken makeup for pictures. Cameras always lighten your face. Check out some tips on intensifying makeup here. Between your beautiful face, the right lighting and best angles, you’re literally just one click away from postable perfection! With that, we’d say it’s about time you show the world your talents one selfie at a time. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be future clients!

    makeup selfie

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